What are the legal regulations
for commercialising research?

National governments are responsible for
creating and managing the legal and regulatory
frameworks for transferring intellectual property
into the market, as well as the operating
conditions of a market in line with international treaties.

The Commercialisation PLUS process recognises
and complies with all relevant domestic and
international laws and regulations that govern
both the technology transfer process
and products on the market.

Why is Intellectual Property important?

Central to Commercialisation PLUS is the Intellectual Property Law.
The commercialisation of Intellectual Property can greatly contribute to changes in society.

The Commercialisation PLUS process extracts value from Intellectual Property by marketing a new product, production methods, or services based at least partly on the Intellectual Property.

The Intellectual Property legal framework also enables the creator of a technology solution to qualify which aspect of their technology solution is novel and worth paying for.

Why is it important to consider market regulations?

Before any individual technology solutions are launched into the market, they need to comply with market regulations that govern what is, and what is not, allowed in the marketplace for different industries.

Understanding the specific regulatory obligations relevant to your technology solution helps inform production costs, timing for releasing a product or service into the market, and ability to legally sell certain products or services. If these obligations are not considered, regulations can be expensive barriers to your technology being adopted and ultimately achieving the desired impact.

Depending on the technology solution to be commercialised, you may need to consider multiple regulations and engage with numerous regulatory authorities at the same time.

Refer to the detailed guide to better understand the different legal and regulatory considerations
and IP regulations that you will need to consider in Viet Nam
as part of the Commercialisation PLUS process.

Download the Guide to the Legal and IP regulations in Viet Nam